Highest Priorities

Increase Availability of Affordable Housing and Reduce Homelessness

1. Increase the notification period for no-cause evictions to 90 days at the local level and rigorously enforce landlord-tenant provisions and building code provisions to prevent unfair evictions.

2. Expand emergency rent subsidies and other services to families to prevent children from experiencing homelessness

3. Provide incentives for developers to include a specified number of affordable housing units as part of major construction projects.

4. Seek adjustments of the section 8 program so that section 8 vouchers are sufficient to cover rent in a modest apartment

5. Assist partners in creating shelter, transitional, and permanent housing that includes wrap-around services provided on site to improve the lives of residents and reduce the impact of chronic homelessness on other community members.

Improve Access to Health Care

1. Empower county health care workers to identify improvements that can be made in our county's provision of healthcare services

2. Maximize the efficient use of county health care resources through public-private partnerships, partnerships with other government agencies, and multi-county coalitions.

3. Review and consider improvements and expansion of the county's mental health, transitional, and reproductive health education services

Increase Living Wage Jobs

1. Do not grant subsidies, incentives, and tax breaks to companies that fail to increase employment or create living wage jobs. Require that public subsidies, incentives, and tax breaks to businesses as a means for economic development have enforceable standards on overall employment and living wage jobs.

2. Work with partners, including schools, universities, unions, and employers, to create better pathways to living wage jobs for young people.

Improve Public Transportation

Work collaboratively with cities and other partners within the county to create a cohesive transportation system throughout the county and, if needed, advocate that the state provide funds to aid in such expansion.